Been doing some studies of Glen Keane's expression work. If you can't see it, he's one of Disney's animators, and one of the best in the industry. And after drafting out Heavy Cream panels, I have learned I am terrible at showing character emotion, so I needed to start doing studies. 

I used his Rapunzel (from Tangled) sketches for practice, with Effie’s features more pronounced for more of my own feel. Not too sure how I feel about his lip design, but i’ll get some practice in on them. 

Overall this was really fun and I will definitely be doing more face and expression practice.

(also i love disney-esque hair so that’s why Effie looks so much like Ariel and Snow-White combined)

acesnerdyart asked:

Your newest digital work looks great! Also a question: What are some of your favourite types of pens to use for your pen art?

All of the recent posts have been with a TUL roller ball pen. Medium 0.7 point black, but for final works I usually work in Sakura Pigma Microns

The Microns come in a variety of sizes, 

  • Pen Size 005 = Point Size 0.20 mm
  • Pen Size   01 = Point Size 0.25 mm
  • Pen Size   02 = Point Size 0.30 mm
  • Pen Size   03 = Point Size 0.35 mm
  • Pen Size   05 = Point Size 0.45 mm
  • Pen Size   08 = Point Size 0.50 mm

So i really prefer them for detail work. 

zdroyd asked:

Short, so you can play around with a variety of story and plot ideas. But what do I know?

I agree, Starting off I’ll go forward with this in mind, I’m going to experiment with just what the tone should be, some one page tests soon to come. Along with some Character Sheets. 

I have two Attack on Titan works i really want to finish but just don’t have the drive. Also, i have one in my head i’m excited to sketch out. 

I thought about the fact that you have these two canisters attached to your thighs. If a titan were to grab you with the intent on not letting you go, they would inevitably crush your legs, especially with two metal contraptions closing in tight on your femurs. 

Not only that, but the body harness would pull taught, possibly even breaking your shoulders like a wishbone. Titan battle would be a brutal way to go :/ Something I wish the books would touch on more. 

I plan on finishing the poster soon, but i want to work on my values more before i do.